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North Shore Foot & Ankle consists of two Northeast Wisconsin born Podiatrists with forefoot to rearfoot board certifications between them. You can get a full range of podiatric medical care, including conservative and surgical therapies from our experienced doctors.

Dedicated to Providing Quality Foot and Ankle Care

With a combined experienced of 40 years, our podiatrists will make sure they give you a prompt diagnosis, early intervention, and the essential care you need to treat your foot. Our doctors will spend quality time with you in order to understand your problem and provide you with effective solutions.

Friendly Foot Care Services

You can count on our friendly staff to work with your primary care physicians and other specialists in order to determine the best course of treatment for your foot. From foot and ankle surgery to diabetic foot care, we do it all. Visit our foot store to purchase affordable foot support products.


40 Years Combined Experience

Do you have chronic heel pain that's not going away?

Podiatrists You Can Trust

North Shore Foot & Ankle, SC

Barry E. Erdman, DPM


Renard Foot & Ankle Specialist at North Shore, LLC

John J. Renard, DPM

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